Jinan Overview
Economic Development
Economic Development

Ji'nan has a strong financial resources and advantages, attracting a large number of foreign banks and financial institutions settled. Shandong Province, the largest financial business, the number of institutions and practitioners, business types of the most complete, the most powerful service functions of the city.

Ji'nan industrial system is complete, the three industrial structure is reasonable, manufacturing, high-tech, modern service industry and other advantages, has formed the information software, transportation equipment, machinery and equipment, food and drug, financial services five major traditional industries and new information, new materials, new energy, bio medicine four emerging industry clusters.

Private economy, foreign economy, e-commerce, securities trading, logistics and other industries developed economy

Ji'nan is an important manufacturing base in China, focusing on the development of heavy vehicles, cars, motorcycles, iron and steel, forging equipment, CNC machine tools, mining machinery, power boilers, electronic weighing equipment and other advanced manufacturing.