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Human Resources
Human Resources

Ji'nan Shandong as a cultural and educational center, University and research institute number ranks first in the province, is worthy of the name of talent, a large number of innovative entrepreneurship research, sophisticated technical and management personnel, to provide support for the development of enterprises.

Shandong University, Shandong Normal University, University of Jinan, Shandong University of Finance and economics, Qilu University of technology and a series of institutions of higher learning. There are 600 thousand college students, adequate employment resources and talent advantages for the development of enterprises to provide an important guarantee.

Labor wages and social security standards

Ordinary workers wages ¥1800 - 2500 / month

General technical staff wages ¥2500 - 3200  / month

Senior staff salaries ¥3200 - 5500  / month.

Annual social insurance premium base is ¥2626, an upper limit of ¥13128.

Payment item

Unit contribution ratio

Personal contribution ratio

Total contribution ratio

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Medical care


unemployment insurance


Business insurance


Maternity insurance