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Industry Environment
Industry Environment

Bohai Economic Circle has become a development priority in China’s new round of regional economic development. As the capital city of Shandong Province, Jinan is one of the core cities in the Bohai Economic Circle. Meanwhile, the “Jinan Metropolitan Circle” composed of Jinan, Zibo, Laiwu, Taian, Liaocheng, Dezhou and Binzhou is playing a vital role in the developmental strategy of Shandong Province. Jinan New Materials Industry Zone is just located in the core zone of “Jinan Metropolitan Circle” and has unparalleled location advantages.

The zone is encircled by Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Fujian, Jinan-Liao cheng, and Qingdao-Yinchuan expressways and joins dense road network composed of National Road 308, 309, 220 and 104.

It is 3km from Jinan New Materials Industry Zone to entrance to North Jinan ring expressway (a branch line of QingdaoYinchuan expressway); 8km to entrance to Beijing-Fuzhou, Beijing-Shanghai and Jinan-Qingdao expressway in Tianqiao district; 13km to entrance to Qingdao-Yinchuan expressway in Daqiao Town.

A number of quick channels are accessible from the Zone to urban areas: First Yellow River Highway Bridge connects directly to East Second Ring Road; Jianbang Yellow River Highway Bridge connects directly to West Second Ring Road and North Second Ring Road; the proposed Yellow River tunnel connects directly to Jiluo Road – the north-south axis of Jinan City.

It is 23km from the Zone to Shandong Provincial Government; 32km to Jinan Municipal Government; 21km to Baotu Spring; 28km to Thousand Buddha Mountain; 21km to Daming Lake. It is only 25minutes drive from the Zone to Jinan West Railway Station and Jinan International Airport.

Jinan New Materials Industry Zone provides the enterprises with the following frst-class auxiliary projects:

※A 9.3km special railway to integrate with Handan-Jinan railway line with the transportation capacity of 5.89 million tons/year;

※A 220KV and an 110KV transformer substation with dual circuit electricity;

※Waterworks with water supply capacity of 110,000 tons/day;

※A high-pressure gas station with the natural gas supply capacity of 1 million m³/day and 400 million m³/year;

※A wastewater treatment plant with the capacity of 100,000m³/day and supporting sewerage systems;

※Heating equipment with the heating capacity of 400 tons/hour;

※A frst-rate standard fre station to provide security;

※Sound modern communication system including fxed telephones, fax, and broadband network;

※Dense road network consisting of fve vertical and fve horizontal trunk roads with underground pipeline network forrainwater, sewage and telecommunication along the way.

Jinan New Materials Industry Zone provides quality service for enterprises in accordance with the service tenet of “passionate, honest, standard, and effcient”.

※ Assist to go through various formalities including industrial and commercial procedures , taxation, quality inspection,project initiation, project planning, environmental assessment and land acquisition;

※ Provide perfect supporting policies regarding developmental funds and transformation of scientific research achievements;

※ Construct cozy living quarters through scientifc land planning and provide a range of supporting services regarding commerce, accommodation, healthcare, fnance and leisure