Industry Zone Overview

Jinan New Materials Industry Zone is a provincial-level development zone located to the north side of National RoadNo.308 under the jurisdiction of Tianqiao District. Its total planning area is 60 km² and the starting area covers 10 km².The zone passed the inspection of key ministries of the state in July 2005 and was established through the approvalof Shandong Provincial People’s Government in March 2006. In September 2012, Jinan New Materials Industry Zonewas honored as Jinan Characteristic New Materials Industry Base in China Torch Program by National Science andTechnology Department. 

Ji'nan new material industrial park planning and construction is the core area of Ji'nan New District, is the new urbanization of Ji'nan city in the pilot production integration of the city, is the " national cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base "," national innovation demonstration base Small and micro businesses".

As the bridgehead for the urban development strategy to stride across the Yellow River to the north and the mainbattlefeld for industrial development in Tianqiao District, Jinan New Materials Industry Zone mainly focuses on developingnew materials industry, promote the development of newmaterials industry in Jinan.

Industry Zone in the country to encourage the development of new materials industry as the leading factor, and focus on the development of optical communication industry, nano materials, advanced functional materials, manufacturing industry, new energy materials and automotive, health care industry, cultural tourism industry and other strategic emerging industries, is the only major new material industrial zone in Shandong province.

Industry Zone has invested a total of 2 billion yuan, the completion of the infrastructure construction of high standards in the starting area, becoming one of the most perfect infrastructure of the provincial industrial zone, with the ability to carry large projects, good projects.